vrijdag 20 december 2013

War stories : Return to Ogrimmar

It seemed like a lifetime ago she set foot in the city. She was barely of age when she joined the warriors of the Horde. She remembered it well, her first mission was to the other side of the world, the siege of Zul'Aman. How long was that ago? Three, or four years, and now she was back, but back to what?

She walked through the gate-buildings an looked out over the Valley of Strength. In the middle was a big pile of rubble, still smouldering of the fire it was destroyed by. She didn't remember the bank of Ogrimmar to be that big, so much had changed. She walked on, some of her people where scurrying along, but not many Orcs where around.

She had seen destruction before, and death of course. In the Zul'Aman campaign she didn't see much of the front, but after that, she was stationed at the Wrath Gate. She was their the day Arthas confronted the combined might of The Horde and the Alliance. She was their the day that the Forsaken betrayed The Horde, and she barely survived that ordeal.

Ogrimmar looked like it was completely sacked. The Alliance swarm had not shown much mercy to the Orcs who tried to defend their homes.She already knew what she was going to see, but still she walked through the valley towards the drag, towards her birthplace, towards where her family used to live.

There was some screaming coming from the Valley of Spirits, where the Trolls used to live. She heard reports the Trolls took back their islands a few years ago, and that most of them relocated there,  maybe the heart of The Horde would now be relocated there with her new Warchief. She didn't know if she was still part of The Horde, time would tell. A few Blood Elf guards halted her.

She had met Blood Elfs before, at Zul'Aman. They seemed a little fragile, but where not afraid to lead the battles fought, and now they where here in Ogrimmar, the remnants of the Regent's Army who fought in the rebellion against Garrosh, the deposed war chief. She gave her credentials to the guards.

They where written in the Sindorei-language, which she knew enough off to know what the letters said. This one has not fought for Garrosh, but also not against, she was not here when that all happened. She was on a ship, sailing from Northrend to Kalimdor when the Alliance and the Rebels defeated Garrosh. Why where they still called rebels?

Her batallion was stationed at Wyrmrest Temple after Deathwing assaulted the Dragons. They were there to guard, and to rebuild. She had worked with some dwarves there to secure the surroundings, and then the news came that a new Island was found, and that old wounds where torn open. They all had one more evening of comradery, the Orcs, Dwarves, Trolls, Draenai. Even the Gnomes where having fun, but the next day we all would be enemies again.

The guards let her continue into the Drag. It was completely ravaged and burned out. Everything had to be rebuild. All the houses, all the stores, everything gone. The Alliance really sacked this place. She headed towards the Valley of Honor, one of the places the Alliance didn't breached she heard. Maybe it was better there.

She was not sure if Garrosh was making the right decisions, but he was the Warchief, he should be followed. Like Thrall before him, the Orcs went where their Warchief went, no questions asked. But although Wyrmrest was far from the new Island, rumours started dripping in. The biggest shock was news that the Troll leader was openly revolting against his Warchief, and that both the noble Tauren and the Blood Elves seemed to join Vol'Jin, was this the end of the Horde?

Skirmishes broke out between the different races around Wyrmrest, and she and her kin seemed to be standing alone. One night a big brawl ended with several deaths, and the Horde commanders decided that it was best for the Orcs to leave. She was put on a ship towards Ogrimmar, under command of a Blood Elf Regiment. Or was that as prisoner?

She looked out over the Valley of Honor. It was always crowded there, but now there where tents everywhere. The stench of people packed up to close to each other was overwhelming. Near the gate was a tent where medics where doing their job, while dead orcs where still being taken away. A little bit further, children where playing in the water, while Orc warriors sat around campfires.

She looked back to the gate, a number of Tauren Warriors stood guard, both to keep people out and in. So, this is what her people were now, refugees in their own city.

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