donderdag 7 februari 2013

Too busy to write??

Almost 5 months, oh my, time does sometimes goes fast. So, well, my last post was on the 18th of september. Innovation just killed Deathwing Heroic, that seems ages ago...

It's not that I haven't been playing, but between work, being in love and lots of stuff to do IN WoW, I actually did the latter. It's either playing or writing about WoW, although I am currently between LFR's with Verulani...  who?

Oh yeah, that's the first time that name comes around. Verulani is my Shaman, formerly known as Mariandel, and she is doing LFR's as my prime-alt. Yus, still raiding as boomer with Innovation, but my altism isn't gone.

And that's one of the things post aren't that forthcoming now, there is so much to do in-game. Raiding, levelling, dailies, LFR, more dailies, pet-battles.....well...more dailies.

Since the the start of Pandaria, I levelled 6 characters to 90. First was my hunter-gatherer, followed by my paladin and then Verulani. Around the last two I already had some of the inccrease-reputation-thingies, so that helped for Verulani.

After those 4 alliance, I gradually levelled ye ole Gowron, to look at the Horde-side, including the invasion-dailies....  and let me spoil something, if Garrosh is not going, the current Horde will break  yes, methinks Garrosh will be history soon enough.

After Gowron, I noticed the huge amount of lockboxes I had accumulated on the alliance-side, and now my rogue is also level 90. Currently being levelled is my priest as disco through dungeons...not that fast though...and I also have a monk-mistweaver somewhere.

Monks...  I don't know, I tried low-level tanking, and healing, but didn't like it that much. SO my dorf-monk is now doing nothing...  my dorf-mage has a future again...with a bit of luck, Class Act will happen again...although Innovation already has Class-Act, a journey back to kill the minions of the Lich King seems in order now.

So...  enough to write about after 5 months. Pet battles, raiding, oh and 5.2..and much more, just some quick thoughts.

You don't have to do dailies, I figured out very quick that doing all available dailies will make you mad, and to be honest, I don't think I have been VP-capped in ages... well, by accident maybe.

Pet battles are very addictive, it reminds me of civilization's 'one-more-turn-syndrome', being 'one-more-pet' now. And I do have a lot now, even that achievement-plant-thingie.

Transmog...  yes I transmog, and although the new rules considering weapons are nice, it also is a shame. Just yesterday I went with Verulani into a BG to get some honorpoints because I had a new LFR-mace but no fitting mace to transmog to. In 5.2 I will just transmog it into an Axe....

Innovation and raiding; Innovation is not a hardcore-guild, so we have been happily progressing through the normals. Elegon held us up for about a month methinks, and that honour now seems to lie with Garalon, who is crushing us to death (although we already had a 7% wipe).

Is this slow, probably yes, but Innovation is a 25-man guild, and that can be a problem...the amount of times we had raids with less then 25 the last 4 months is huge, I think about 70% at least, and that is holding us back the most methinks. And what is most strange is that there aren't that many 25-man guilds on Argent Dawn (europe). So there should be more people wanting to raid 25's then the just maybe 100 currently in those few guilds...

Well... next reset MSV will be taken of the roster by Innovation, and we will be starting to look at the Terrace...which I very much like. The Terrace that is, not that gloomy as the other raids, just some open skies, and some sunlight...

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