maandag 20 augustus 2012

Time to prepare...

One week till patch 5.0, a month till new expansion...  I am not prepared.

I do have a notion of how to spec....  but not yet sure about rotations. And where to put all those new spells?  Maybe time to redo my UI? I have been playing with this UI for 2 years now.

I should probably find some stuff about reputations, and which I should work on first, you now, the regular things you do before an expansion, but well...  I have been a little distracted the last few weeks..  well a little, call it a lot, something to do with falling in love and stuff.

And for those who don't know, well, she is sort of on the picture below  :p.  Being not in my own country, but with my laptop, we signed up for sunday's raid. Innovation was on Ultraxion-heroic.  And I promptly died the first try because of lag, and some 'how-did-this-al-go-again?'-confusion. Some lag-wipe later, we downed him, and went on to Blackhorn.

Now, Blackhorn was not beaten yet on heroic, but apparantly in our vacation they did try it. So, just having a bad Ultraxion-experience, our fearless leader Eva said: 'We'll give Blackhorn Heroic one try, so everyone experiences what is going on, and then move on to normal.'

...well...  apparantly one try was all we needed, going 5/8 Heroic now.

On another note, some guildmembers of mine have posted a sort-of what-did-I-do-in-WoW on our guildpage, maybe I should do that...although I may have to spend three posts about it  :p

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