maandag 23 mei 2011

I got the key?

Ok, I find this a little bit strange news, apparantly Blizzard wants to remove the key-ring.

So, I logged into Gowron to actually see the ring again.

I do remember having more keys, so grabbing from memory: where is my Scarlet Key? And the key to Black Rock Depths where you had to die for (jump into the lava). But, let see what is what.

The Master's Key (#1)- Gained by doing a long quest-chain, where you had to do several TBC-dungeons, including getting the key for the Mechanar (mm, where;s that one?). Which, back before the first Zul'Aman, was needed to actually do Karazhan, everyone needed their own key.

The TBC-heroic keys (#2,3,4,7,8)- Keys needed to get into the Heroic dungeons of TBC, and back then, you needed to be revered to actually but them, not honored. Which of course was a nice way of letting people actually do normals (and getting some gear), before advancing to heroics.

Key to the Focusing Iris (#5)- Key obtained from a quest that started from a drop from Naxx10, to actually get Malygos down.

The Violet Hold Key (#6)- Key obtained after a little delivery-quest, to get into the Violet Hold, actually, I never understood the reason for this key.

Jump-a-Tron 4000 key (#9) - Well, mmm, needed for some obscure quest in Nagrand, you got a nice cloak from it iirc.

Prison Cell Key (#11) - A key to open cell doors in Blackrock Depths.

Relic Coffer Key (#12) - Another key for BRD, to break into da vault, mon.

All the Skeleton Keys - Some obsidium and Titanium keys, I use to open boxes. Hey, Gow is a Blacksmith.

Now the blue post said, that most of the keys will be useless. So I suppose TBC-heroics will be opened to everyone (with the right Ilvl I suppose). All the BRD-doors will be openable by everybody?? And the other keys will also become absolete one way or the other..... except the skeletons keys???

Now I don't have that many, only 12 slots, but these will be dumped into my normal bag-slots.... on Gowron.... where I always had (and have) a problem with bag-spaces? Well, I hope they let us stack the skeleton keys to 200 orso.

But, more to the point, and I quote:
Because of this, we’ve decided to get rid of the Keyring in order to free up some user interface space for exciting new features. This change could also potentially allow us to play around with the amount of default storage space you’re allotted down the road

So... you take something usefull from us, the always expanding key-ring. And you promise us something vagely in return, not even mentioning the word : SOON®


But there is one more thing I almost forgot, they stated that they will remove the keys....

Just like they did with the keymaster-achievement.

And some of those key have, well, sentimental value I wouldn't say, but it does describe the feeling the closest.

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