Thursday 11 April 2024

The winter of 23-24

 Two 2-week vacations have passed since last time. And stuff has happened. Looking at last post, some things have changed in SoD, but most things stayed the same for me in Retail.

In retail, HC was cleared while I was on vacation, and I got my AotC rather easily at the start of Januari. But, all the other things in retail I have not done, I actually picked up the Gilneas quest-line a few weeks ago, and still haven't done it.

<Innovation> clears BFD-Raid

Most of my time was spend in Season of Discovery, and looking at last post, some surprises happened. First of all, my first lvl25 char was the Paladin... but my main character became Mardah, the Night Elf Rogue. Yes I am playing a melee-character again, with combo-points even.

The SoD-Innovation guild did a lot of raids, we cleared Gnomeregan and Blackfathom Deeps multiple times. Now some strange things did happen...

First of all, I found myself being the Guildmaster of SoD-Innovation. This was basically because I was the only one from Retail-Innovation playing SoD, so I was basically the custodian of the name. Not that it was difficult being a GM for about 14 classic raiders from the same classic Guild <The Conspiracy>, which I had been part of around the classic-TBC time.  So basically it was a non-commitment to me. 

Mardah doing some Rogue-Tanking on Thermaplugg

..and then Phase 3 happened.

The up-scaling to 20-man was happening, and with that, in the future also probably 40 man raids. And with the fact that 2 of our raiders stopped, or were not planning continuing. Well, I wrote a post on the Retail-Innovation discord, and one on the Lava-Lash discord, hoping to find more raiders, I got one reply, from the GM of <Wonder>, which resulted in:

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