woensdag 23 maart 2022

Basically, I was bored

10 months since last time I posted, but, looking at how often I played in that time, not that strange. In one of the last posts I already mentioned that I was not really enjoying myself in Shadowlands. Several reasons were to blame for that, and mostly just me, I got bored of the whole anima grinding stuff, and mostly I just raided.

(sorry no screenshots this time)

For all that time, I did log in on raidnights, did some small stuff, raided, and logged. I didn't really liked the last two raids. Too dark I guess. There where some fun mechanics, and some very annoying ones, but not really fun memories. It also didn't help that Innovation was basically back to raiding with 11 people. Which basically means that every time two people couldn't come, no raid. We even cancelled sunday raids for a while because to many times we had not enough peeps on sunday.

Last April we killed Denathrius after 105 wipes... the second kill was at least that amount later. I took almost 10 months for us to kill the next end boss, Sylvanas... a week before patch 9.2 dropped. I have no idea how we survived that. Took so long, with so few people. First Denathrius kill was a raid of 19. I am not 100% sure, but I think we killed Sylvanas with 11 or 12.

But what else did you do in those 10 months... well...

I played some Classic TBC, I actaully tankadinned Kara somewhere, But, I really didn't like doing two endgame. I did a lot of dungeons with and for Guildies in summer, but after summer that stopped mostly. The guild I am in did transfer, and I transferred with it, levelling a hunter for a while, but again, hardly these days, not really sure why... well..probably because of Stellaris

Around Christmas I started playing Stellaris again, and that game just takes a lot of time, so last 3 months where mostly spend in that game, but... for know... I am really liking this patch.

Zereth Morris is a fun zone, and also very alt-friendly 9.2 is... Last week Tiramuria,Kyaria,Stonetamer and Lurche all did LFR, nboosted by some 226 greenies from the AH to get Ilvl high enough. Only Nialedd, a tank, hasn't done LFR yet, probably because I really don't want to tank for some idiots...and I have seen some...

Innovation is stuck at normal Anduin at the moment, we just don't have the dps to kill enough stuff in the Hunger-one, so we can't survive the LK-phase..although stuff will be nerfed today, so maybe this week.

Mardah hasn't got a tierbonus yet, maybe today in the Vault. And we get a second Leggo today. So I hope we can finish normal fast now. And soon we will know what the next expansion brings...

There are rumors that we may finally be able to just guild up with Horde-players.... 

a Troll Chicken looks interesting to play...

woensdag 26 mei 2021

Introducing Mardaah

After levelling a Paladin on Classic the last few weeks, I found myself into a situation I was so often before, what now? Should I continue playing her into TBCC? I was preparing for it, including being on the Epic Charger quest, but, do I really want to Pally TBC again? And if not, what then? Level another char to 70 on classic, although faster due to the pre-patch, still...  well.. enter the Dark Portal Pass, and let's do the logical thing:

I even joined a guild which is doing, and planning to do some raiding, so now I am doing high level quests to get gold for the epic mount, and it got me into a trip through my blogposts of the past, where did Mardah came from... yes, this is going to be so funny Mardah and Mardaah.

Cooling Down

This is the earliest blog I could find that mentions me playing a Druid, 7 January 2009. I know it is Mardah due to posts following this one, but she is already level 3 here, and I mention she existed for 2 years prior, which is impossible... that would place her birth in January 2007, a month before I actually started playing WoW. She most likely spawned somewhere just after I started, to see the Night Elf start movie and zone, after which she was forgotten about for a long time. I didn't even levelled her out of the starting zone...

...just a little update.

It took some more blogs and more then a month before I actually named her Mardah in my blog, when I changed her spec to Balance. Now if you read the blogs of me around this period, you'll notice I was not in a good mode. IRL it was my first winter not married, and in game that reflected on me not knowing what to do, leaving XII, joining BaT, leaving that again, playing more Alliance, joining XII again... I was in a mess that January, not as bad as at the end of 2009 though...

It's done

What had I done? I transferred Mardah away from Khadgar to Argent Dawn..an RP server.... oh my, what a mistake  :p. 19 days later Mardah reached 80, and for the next 1.5 years I was basically doing a lot in WoW with a lot of different chars, although, at the beginning of January 2010, about 11 months before I would join Innovation, I almost applied to them, but considering that I also mention Lamars, my depression-rogue, it is probably better that I didn't back then

So..am I done in retail? No, but what I do in retail is Raid, and if you don't like to do Mythics, when you dislike Thorghast and the Maw a lot and you don't really care for transmogs/mounts/pets, then Raidlogging becomes a thing.

But you can play alts? Yes, but I really only should finish the last covenant campaign on the Roons-master Tiramuria. Because levelling is not that much fun in Shadowlands, and I have more fun levelling a random lvl 20 dwarf mage on TBCC now.

I think retail will pick up again when 9.1 hits, but when you don't like rushing dungeons like me, only raiding is left.

woensdag 19 mei 2021

Covid Journey

 At the beginning of April I was tested positive for Covid-19, just before the may break, which basically meant I would not work for about 6 weeks. So, I had a lot of time to kill, and what better way to kill that, then to play Classic, that is one big time sink after all. 

I already had a Undead lvl 60 Priest, which was basically parked, because I stopped playing. So I dabbled around with various alts, until after a week or two, I found a goal to reach, Verigan's Fist. And here is some of what happened afterwards in pictures.

Verigan's Fist aquired

Level 39

Level 60-ding

My UI was not prepared for a 40 man raid.

So, I levelled a Paladin up to 60, part Retribution, part Holy, and I even had the good luck to sneak into a Molten Core run with PuGLife on the last day before the pre-patch.

It took me about a month with lots of free time, so no idea how I would be able to level a new character in two weeks while working... the two weeks that Blizzard thinks is enough to level a new char to lvl58 in pre-patch... pre-patch for TBCC... which seems to become one of the longest patch-days in memory.

dinsdag 13 april 2021

Innovation versus Castle Nathria

I think it was Januar 12th that Innovation started poking Heroic Castle Nathria, and it took us till the 8th of April to clear it all. Thee months inside Castlevania and I hope to forget it soon. Not that the fights where that bad, it's just this whole starting patch of the expansion that just not hits me. And in that feeling I don't have many fond memories of the Castle.

We also had a lot of turnover. If I look at the first few kill-pictures on the Innovation site, there are a lot of players around. I even remember saying that it would be a long time before Synthea and myself would put on the healing-set again as the guilds reserve healers for the last decade, considering we had such a consistent team of healers showing up....

Well.. that didn't last, on the killpic of the generals I am even in treeform, and Synthea was healing on our Denathrius kill, where we even pugged a healer. There are all good reasons where the healers went, mostly RL. And one went Loktar Ogar on us and probably costed us two more wipe nights on Denathrius.

But, it's now April, and all news I am getting, it may be a while before the next raid drops. So I guess we will be farming this for a while. Although, maybe I can play some TBC in the meanwhile.... all that leaves us now are the killcounts for the bosses...and.. *Gasp* a kill video.

Number of pulls per boss in Castle Nathria:

Shriekwing : 4

Huntsman Altimor : 10

Hungering Destroyer : 6

Lady Inerva Darkvein : 15

Artificer Xy'mox : 9

Sun King's Salvation : 7

The Council of Blood : 11

Sludgefist : 33

Stone Legion Generals : 23

Sire Denathrius : 105

dinsdag 30 maart 2021

The Burning Crusade, or why I doubt I can spec 0/40/21 again.

 Those where the days. 

The days I fell in love with this game.

The days I spend to much time levelling.... as protection Paladin.

The days of the legendary forum of maintankadins.

And still on-going blogs like Honor's Code and Blessing of Kings where I learned how-to

And it will not happen again.

Yes, TBC-Classic will launch, and I will level a Horde Paladin, and I will spec him protection somewhere, this time with the posibility to have the Alliance-seal. But after all those years, nothing new will come along, there will be no surprises.

I will not be ported of the boat to the Exodar on my Dwarf Hunter because I didn't had the expansion yet.

I will not run into a cow shaman called Spectre several times during leveliing.

I will not be invited to the guild he is in, and leaving that guild with him.

All those things are past, the new things the game gave me back then. Those are all memories of people I long lost touch with. Spectre who stopped playing due to real life. Placebo, Hellcatherin, Cochana, Nagkeen, Morhen, to name but a few.

I am still in touch with Orkishna, Jorky and Kemwer. Those are the only ones I still know what they do these days. So many years have passed since I was a Bloodelf Maintankadin. And I still look fondly to those 2-3 years, long being smothered by new memories as Innovations Boomkin.

And yes I will level, and do a lot of those dungeons from memory. But I am afraid this time no one will do it like back then. A lot less CC will be used...and if used, will be broken, beause who knows CC these days. And I will play it for a while, but probably, or certainly no raiding. I can only fit so many hours of WoW in a week.

And so I will not get that axe you can throw from Kara, I will not get the T5+ almost T6 gear to actually NOT spec into Captain America's Shield. So I will not spec into the "Wordlie" Spec I really liked back then, 0/40/21.

I will use the next script:

/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Need 102.4 combined avoidance. Currently at:",0.8,0.8,1)
/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(GetDodgeChance()+GetBlockChance()+GetParryChance()+5+(GetCombatRating(CR_DEFENSE_SKILL)*150/355 + 20)*0.04,1,0.5,0)

And for the new tankadins, starting Kara with 11.8k health and a little under the 102.4% is not a sin.

And remember...

When in doubt, round them up, and consecrate.

vrijdag 11 december 2020


In a big surprise, Nialedd, my Demon Hunter, reached 60 just before week 3 started. I was definitely not planning that, but there where reasons.

First, for someone whose primary objective is raiding, there is almost no other endgame. I did some Mythics, but M+ is not for me, as said many times before. PvP is something I try to completely avoid. So Mardah is now basically doing some weekly stuff on Wednesday, and some daily stuff, like miss..rr..adventures and emiss...rr..callings.

So last week, Mardah was mostly done after an hour or two, and I started levelling some alts. The main reason Nialedd made it to 60 as first alt, is leatherworking. I need a piece of leather boots for the Leggo I am going to make next Thursday. 

Nialedd follows Kyrian

I also used the Path of Faith option for Nialedd, and random dungeons actually give a decent amount of XP, so, between dungeons, doing some worldquests and stuff, 60 was reached  quit easily... maybe my Tankadin, who is 55, will follow soon, that one is actually doing the normal route, think he is in Maldraxxus on the third sword.

On the profession side, Mardah is max JC and Enchanting, Nialedd is max Skinning and LW, and my little noam rogue can make the missives. Oh, Lurche is max tailoring because cloth drops everywhere for everyone.

woensdag 2 december 2020

The first week in the afterlife


That's how it went this week. I didn't experience big problems or lags anywhere. I did heard some horrorstories from other realms, but Argent Dawn - EU seemed to have no problems.

Explosive entrée into the maw

Last Tuesday at midnight, Mardah stepped into the Maw, and an hour later she was in Oribos. Next day she continued and before I set foot in Bastion, she was 51. In the next two nights she did all the quests she could find, and ended up in Revendreth with 82% to go till 60. That was quickly reached the next evening, after which I found out that she had to finish the whole main story line before continiung...which lasted almost 4 hours.

So after dinging 60, I still had to play 4 hours to really start 'The End Game'. I'd better not do any sidequests on alts I guess. After choosing Night Fae, the next day was mostly spend in Torghast and in normal and heroic dungeons.

Mardah finishing Night Fae

Mardah had no problem in Thorgast, except the last boss in Upper Reaches Layer 3, utterly destroyed by him... oh well, I guess I don't need those 85 ashes, I can play slow. One thing, I did try this before starting Heroics, so maybe later in the week.

I started adventures, and here is an Important Tip, no where it says you can actually use your minor troops more often. It seems like you only have 1 of each (for NF that is a dps and a healer), but there are infinte minor troops. Just put troops in every slot!

The maw itself is boring, Thorgast is fun, but the maw itself is just..mweeeh... I will try to skip that as much as possible.

There is a mushroom network in Ardenwaeld!

Beam me up, Scotty.

Sunday was Mythic day, yes, on Sunday we already had guildgroups doing M0, before Tuesday evening I finished 6 of 8, and Mardah was sitting at Ilvl 171.

There is this Turtle that you have to feed directly under the Bastion place. It will drop an eternal Shard, which normally only comes from disenchanting purples, of which you need alot for Enchanting... so..my alt-army plus some more went through the maw and to Bastion to get this free shard.

Mardah is no Jewelcrafting 100 and Enchanting 100...of 115.. at least it is not Alchemy which has to go to 175.. why is that all over the place? My Tailor is already max on 100 due to all the cloth Mardah gets. Nialled is farming leather like hell and still isn't 70 of 115? That's all a ..well.. also..Darkmoon Faire this Sunday for free skillpoints.

The Eternal Shard Turtle

Also..the Maw intro is not skippable... why... it takes about 70 minutes minimum to actually open the portal to Bastion because of the endless RP going on... 

Tuesday Evening, Mardah went back to Upper Layer 3, both for a worldquest, and to look if she could take down the endboss with her shinier gear. Making sure to pick up as many ST-extras along the way, to burn him down before his stacks got to high.

Mardah engaged the endboss... and basically obliterated him... and that's when I noticed this was not the same endboss as Friday...so those change to.... rrrright

I now have started week 2, something about a garden, not getting my best Legendary, more champions, more renown... yeeeesh...all the different currencies...