maandag 28 november 2022

Thirty times Sixty! ...or what are my current characters.

This will be a long post... not by words, but by 50 pictures.... last few weeks, I have played a lot, and went from 6 30. Now most where 50, but some came from further down, my last one, Wileau was around 23, but some may have come from lower. And except for Outlaw Rogue, I do now have all dps-specs on max, with at least enough of the same class to spec into different healing or tanking classes... so 2 shadowpriests basically. 

I also specified if they are part of my main-alt-army for professions. Well... here we go.

The Warriors

Kyaria, Fury Lightforged Draenai
Main Alt Herbalism/Inscription

Stoneheart, Arms Dwarf
Cloudrage, lvl 12 Highmountain Tauren

Llwynog, lvl 10 Vulpera

The Paladins

Timicin, Retribution Human (Holy)
Main Alt Mining/Blacksmithing
Gweadnerth, Retribution Bloodelf (Protection)
Ye ole Gowron
Meddwyn, Retribution Dark Iron Dwarf (Protection)
Aneth, Retribution Human
Zyari, lvl 10 Zandalari Troll

The Hunters

Mendak, Beastmaster Dark Iron dwarf
Main Alt, Mining/Engineering
Forak, Survival Draenai
Pomptang, Markmanship Mechagnome
Luaran, lvl 40 Orc
Vornik, lvl 26 Undead
Lorani, lvl 11 Goblin

The Rogues

Tiramuria, Assassination Gnome
Synnid, Subtlety Night Warrior (Nightelf)
Winonai, lvl 40 Human
Outlaw-specced, only dps-spec not at max!
Lamars, lvl 30 Gnome
Only Alliance character NOT on Argent Dawn
Ezrila, lvl 25 Undead

The Priests

Ezrila, Shadow Gnome (Disco)
Aelfreda, Shadow Worgen
Ynyr, lvl 27 Troll

The Shamans

Verulani, Enhancement Draenai
Melten, Elemental Dwarf
Cloudcaller, lvl 50 Tauren
Stormseeker, lvl 23 Mag'har Orc

The Mages

Lurche, Frost Dwarf
Main Alt, Tailoring/Enchanting
Solanai, Fire Void Elf
Gess, Arcane Kul Tiran
Lurche, lvl 41 Undead
Ze real Lurge
Isiana, lvl 12 Nightborne

The Warlocks

Lorinthe, (Green) Destruction Human
Main Alt: Herbalism/Alchemy
Stephanus, Affliction Void Elf
Wileau, Demonology Gnome
30th sixty, day before dragonflight
Cymar, lvl 30 Orc
Gagh, lvl 1 undead
Bank Alt

The Monks

Yekatarina, Windwalker Pandarian
Doiral, Windwalker Draenai
Guild Master of When Elekks Fly
Bank Alt

The Druids

Mardah, Balance Night Elf
Main; Enchanting and Jewelcrafting
Offspec: Restoration
Newid, Feral Kul Tiran (Guardian)
Betinia, lvl 46 Worgen
Morshando, lvl 41 Troll

The Demon Hunters

Gythreuliaid, Havoc Night Elf
Main Alt : Skinning/Leatherworking
Nialedd, Havoc Night Elf
Gythreuliaid, lvl 42 Blood Elf

The Death Knights

Jinnowhaen, Frost Dwarf
Arkto, Unholy Pandaren
Karnhorn, lvl 40 Tauren

The Evoker

Dreigiau, Devastation Dracthyr

And, within 2 hours, Dragon Flight will launch... so happy soaring///dragonflying everyone.

Mardah is actually a blue dragon :)

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